The New Health Threat: Your Smartphone

Smartphone text neck pain Brielle Healthcare

How to protect your health and still stay connected Sometimes, technology can be a pain in the neck. And then sometimes, it can be an actual pain in the neck. So much so that new medical terminology is arising as people flock to the Internet to figure out the aches and pains caused by all those smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming systems. … Read More

What a Pain! What You Need to Know About Common Headache Triggers

Common Migraine Headache Triggers Brielle Health

Migraines, tension headaches, sinus pressure, arthritic pain, jaw pain…no matter what you call that pounding, aching, awful discomfort, it comes from somewhere. Inner or outer triggers can cause the body to react with pain that’s felt in the head. These triggers may stem from foods, chemicals, stress, environment, hormones, among other things, and can be completely different from one person … Read More

Cold & Flu Season

Woman without Cold or Flu Symptoms Brielle Healthcare Wellness Center

We said hello to the dreaded cold & flu season in October, and now we’re at the peak of it. At this point, you may have become well acquainted with your fair share of homeopathic remedies, over-the-counter therapies or even antibiotic prescriptions. Are you questioning your life’s choices as you brace yourself for a Neti-pot rinse? Or suffering tummy troubles after … Read More

Post-Summer Break: Get Your Family Back Into A Routine

A change in routine can throw anyone off, but it’s particularly challenging getting back to a school-routine after months of summer break. While it’s good for kids to be able to go with the flow and demonstrate flexibility, having a familiar routine allows them to take some ownership over their day and keeps everyone on time for the start of … Read More

More Than Adjustments for Back Pain…

Chiropractic therapy can treat a wide variety of conditions since it can correct both localized joint issues and general posture – two factors that can influence overall well being. Given the emphasis on natural health, many chiropractors like those at Brielle Integrated Health also assist patients with improving their nutrition, activity and other lifestyle concerns. Back Problems Approximately 35 percent … Read More

3 Low-Impact Moves to Strengthen Your Back & Core

1. Kneeling Extension: 
Start this move by kneeling on all fours with your hands beneath your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips. Tighten your core muscles and slowly lift your right arm and extend it straight forward. Slowly lift your left leg and extend it straight back, with your toes pointed down. Hold for 10 seconds and slowly … Read More

Low Back Pain Management With Routine Chiropractic Care

What is Low Back Pain? The lower part of the back is designed to provide support, strength and flexibility to the upper body. It’s no surprise, then, that the low back would present with pain and suffer injury from daily activity. It is estimated that nearly 31 million Americans are treated for lower back discomfort. Ranging in severity—pain, soreness, or … Read More