Acupuncture for Insomnia

Acupuncture for Insomnia Insomnia plagues so many Americans. Sleep is the thing you need most after a long tiring day. Ironically, sleep can be the most illusive thing when we’re “tired and wired”. Did you know Acupuncturists can distinguish between two different types of insomnia? By simply feeling your pulses and looking at your tongue, we can design a treatment plan that can get you back on track to those restorative Zzz’s.

We’ll want to know certain things, like do you fall asleep easily but wake up throughout the night or are you simply not able to fall asleep at all? Does your mind race with busy thoughts when your head hits the pillow? Does your face and chest get hot during the night?

These may be signs of over-exertion, a long-standing habit of “spending” or burning more energy (Yang) than you’re “saving” or storing (Yin). Like money, if we spend more energy than we save we get into debt. Energy debt has become a major contributor to our mental, physical and emotional dis-ease.

Burning too much energy is often a result of over stimulation (adrenaline from stress, coffee, refined carbs, red bull, sugar, etc.) in order to get through the day and accomplish our tasks. This overtaxes the nervous system which doesn’t shut down at your convenience.

Overtaxation of energy keeps the nervous system in fight or flight mode all day long. When you’re ready to wind down so you can sleep, your body just keeps fighting, no matter how tired you are. Unfortunately, your body and mind just keep going when you need it to stop.

Acupuncture can help you rebalance energy debt. Since stress is also a factor, we can discuss ways to calm and relax your body and mind to support your energy rebalancing process both in and out of the treatment room. If sweet cravings are also an issue, see my article on Acupuncture & Weight Loss.

I want to hear exactly what you go through while trying to sleep so I can tailor an Acupuncture and stress reduction treatment protocol specifically for you. Call our office today to inquire about how Acupuncture can help you sleep better.