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5 Surprising Benefits of Acupuncture

Needles for healing? Really? It’s true! Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing tradition based on the belief that the physical body is a collection of energetic fields. If the body is in a state of good health, it allows for optimal energy flow. On the other hand, if the body is in a disease-ridden state, it creates energetic blockages. Some benefits of acupuncture therapy may surprise you! Keep reading, the team at Brielle Integrated Healthcare shares some of our favorite surprising benefits of acupuncture

Why Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture promotes the body’s healthy energy flow and opens the very blockages that can lead to physical and emotional disorders. It is one of the oldest healing therapies in the world, yet also considered cutting edge and has been proven by several scientific studies to be one of the most effective alternative methods for overall well-being.

Benefits of Acupuncture

    1. Allergy Reduction. One of the main principles of acupuncture is that it boosts the body’s natural immunity and ability to self-heal. Because of this, allergens are less likely to wreak havoc, especially during allergy season. Regular acupuncture sessions will effectively treat the symptoms of allergies such as a runny nose, puffy eyes, scratchy throat, and constant sneezing.
    2. Fertility Enhancement. Having problems getting pregnant? Add acupuncture to your treatment plan as it supports the reproductive organs and the optimal production of male and female hormones to increase fertility. It also helps with the healthy progression of pregnancy and has the capacity to optimize the child’s position in the uterus for a natural and less problematic delivery.
    3. Energy Boost. We all could use an energy boost now and then! Among its bag of tricks, acupuncture offers tremendous benefits by fighting off exhaustion or “brain fog”. It aids in balancing the body’s energetic field, so organs function correctly. As a result, it leads to a state of ease, reduced pain, increased physical stamina, and mental clarity.


Acupuncture promotes the body’s healthy energy flow and opens the very blockages that can lead to physical and emotional disorders.
    1. Sleep Quality. Tired of those sleepless nights? Acupuncture can help as it increases your body’s natural ability to produce melatonin – a hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycles. Because of our modern, on-the-go lifestyles, melatonin is often underproduced which contributes to insomnia and sleep deprivation. Acupuncture will help restore your natural ability to fall asleep and stay asleep!
    2. Mood Enhancement. There are many causes for fluctuating moods and depression. Whether chronic stress, everyday worries, or imbalanced hormones are the culprit for stress, acupuncture can offer significant relief in the mood department. With the application of acupuncture needles, your central nervous system becomes stimulated and releases endorphins and other chemicals that will lift your mood. This will lead to a more positive mindset and less anxiety.

At Brielle Integrated Health, you can enjoy the benefits of acupuncture on its own or as part of an integrated healthcare program. For more information on our wellness services, please call us at 732-292-9900.