3 Ways A Sports Massage Can Improve Your Game

How a sports massage can improve your game

Whether your ‘game’ consists of shooting hoops with buddies at the YMCA, speed drills on the track or tucking it at the barre weekly,  you want your body to be in tip top shape. Continual improvement is what drives you to run in the cold rain, lift one more rep or rise before the sun for a new class. Unfortunately, … Read More

Swedish Massage Benefits

Swedish Massage Benefits Brielle NJ Therapists

Get ready to say ahhhhhh…Swedish massage therapy is the most well-known and widely practiced type of therapeutic massage—and for good reason. This type of massage is designed specifically to focuses on muscle relaxation while enhancing circulation and blood flow to the large muscle groups. At Brielle Integrated Healthcare we believe Swedish massage is not only a great way to treat yourself—but … Read More

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Benefits of Prenatal Massage Brielle Integrated Healthcare

Swollen ankles. A sore back. An increasingly heavy belly. These are some of the experiences of pregnancy. Many women ask if massage is safe to relieve their pregnancy pains and safe for their baby. Studies indicate (as do moms-to-be who’ve experienced it) that prenatal massage therapy offers many benefits throughout pregnancy. Benefits include reduced anxiety, decreased symptoms of depression, muscle … Read More

Sciatica Pain Triggers

Sciatica Pain Triggers Brielle NJ Massage Therapists

If you’ve ever experienced sciatica pain before, you know it’s no joke. It’s an aching pain that affects the sciatic nerve, a large nerve that extends from the lower back down the back of each leg.  The team at Brielle Integrated Healthcare is trained to identify the symptoms of sciatica and pain triggers; keep reading for more. Symptoms of Sciatica … Read More