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Chiropractic for our Military: Battling Chronic Pain

Military life requires numerous physical challenges, and for the troops to be in fighting shape, rigorous training is a minimum requirement. Common tasks include carrying heavy loads, running with body armor, and even jumping out of planes. These types of activities can have a long-term impact on a person’s body, so it is no surprise that many of our military suffer from chronic pain.

From Highly Active to Chronic Pain

A diagnosis of “chronic pain” is unsettling – as it suggests a lengthy period of being unable to do perform or complete tasks without feeling uncomfortable. Chiropractic care offers hope for military personnel and veterans to live a better quality of life.

For many active-duty military, chiropractic care is not easily accessible while they are serving. Care is accessible to active duty personnel through Tricare, but awareness is key. It could be difficult to see a doctor of chiropractic or the military base may not have a doctor of chiropractic (DC) onsite. According to the Government Accountability Office, while there is a DC at 60 military bases across the US, only 54 % of servicemen and women are eligible for chiropractic care.

Active-duty military personnel who embraced chiropractic care and reported that it enhances health and well being while reducing stress.

Care for Back & Neck Pain

According to a survey by the National Health Interview, more than 30% of veterans deal with back pain. Randomized trials found that spinal manipulation can be effective for lower back pain.

One 2013 study specifically evaluated chiropractic care with general medical care in military personnel, 18-35 years old. The results suggest reduced pain and improved physical well being and function under chiropractic care, as compared to patients who received only standard medical care.

These studies confirm the well-established fact that most individuals with back pain find relief with chiropractic care.

The Need for Safer Pain Management Approaches

Those who serve in the U.S. military have dedicated their lives to ensure the safety of our country. These men and women keep themselves in peak physical shape during their service, but chronic pain may mean they can’t complete simple tasks like touching their toes once home.

Chiropractic care offers military personnel the chance to regain mobility and live pain-free. Brielle Integrated Healthcare is here to help support those who have given so much to our country.