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5 Tips to Avoid the Back-to-School Blues

Are you an eager parent ready to send your kids back to school? Are your children ready to be back in the classroom. While many parents may be ready to get back to a normal and routine life, most children and many other adults would have summer last a few more months.

The adjustment from summer fun and less structured days to the schedule of the school year can make for a tough transition. Here are 5 tips to prevent the back to school blues.


  1. Start Each Day with a Good Breakfast

Breakfast is important, especially when heading back to the classroom. When students go to school on an empty stomach, there is a much greater chance that hunger will get in the way of focus and the ability to complete the needed class work.


  1. Finish Homework Early

Instead of procrastinating the inevitable work load, getting it done right after school can help keep students focused and determined. Putting it off can prevent it from being completed at all. Parents should encourage their children to get the work done early, then once it is complete, help the student relax.


  1. Enjoy the Outdoors

Getting outside can help clear the mind. After a full day, students as well as parents could benefit from sitting outside, going for a walk, or enjoying another outdoor activity. It is important to find something that is relaxing daily to help release stress and get outside of the house.


  1. Get Exercise

Exercise is a powerful way to decompress from stress. It can be a sports practice, a walk, or bike ride. Any activity that burns energy and gets the body moving will work. The last thing students need to do after a long day of sitting in a desk is remain immobile in front of an electronic device.


  1. Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is important to success. This is where parents need to implement guidance. Getting enough sleep can prepare a student for a great start to the next day.

As children ease back into the swing of the new school year, help them apply these tips to reduce the chances of developing the back-to-school blues.