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Combatting the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic isn’t going away any time soon. It’s a national tragedy that deserves our ongoing attention. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that synthetic and classic opioids account for six of every 10 drug overdose deaths. Still another CDC study found that one out of every four Americans prescribed long-term […]

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Chiropractic Care and Allergies

Spring is in the air. Flowers are budding. Leaves are growing. Terrific, right? Unfortunately for many of us, when we hear “Spring is in the air,” our minds focus on runny noses, itchy eyes, and sneezing. You may be familiar with the fact that chiropractic adjustments can improve a lot of conditions. What you may […]

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Make Your Chiropractic Adjustments Last Longer

You’ve invested time and money to ease your discomfort and be sure that your spine, joints, and muscles are all firing optimally…and then, something slips back out of place. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make chiropractic adjustments last longer? A great chiropractor is indispensable to ensure those adjustments go easier on you, and just as importantly, to […]

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What’s That Sound? And Other FAQs About a Chiropractic Visit

Do you have some questions about chiropractic? Our very own Brielle Integrated Healthcare Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Nicole Yarbenet, answers some of our most frequently asked questions about the chiropractic visit.   Q: What is a chiropractic adjustment? Dr. Nicole: Also known as a spinal manipulation therapy, the chiropractic adjustment is a procedure used by […]

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Sciatica Pain Triggers

If you’ve ever experienced sciatica pain before, you know it’s no joke. It’s an aching pain that affects the sciatic nerve, a large nerve that extends from the lower back down the back of each leg.  The team at Brielle Integrated Healthcare is trained to identify the symptoms of sciatica and pain triggers; keep reading […]

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How a Pediatric Chiropractor Helps Your Child Achieve Total Wellness

As they grow, children experience frequent falls and multiple mishaps that may seem rather insignificant in those early years. As time passes, however, these injuries can accumulate and become significant health issues with long-term detrimental effects. A pediatric chiropractor can help a child achieve total wellness. How Chiropractic Care Helps Studies show that many children […]

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